Tech Updates

A few updates on issues related to tech ethics.

In other words, I’m suffering from writer’s block and don’t have an original thought to post today.

A few weeks ago, I blogged on cloud storage.  Many lawyers want a recommendation as to the best cloud storage vendors.  That’s not something I’m supposed to do.

However, I can point you to this:  Robert Ambrogi is one of nation’s leading commentators on legal technology, with his LawSites blog consistently one of the best.  Earlier this week, he reviewed Citrix Sharefile.  The review is HERE.

Also, for those of you who were in Montreal, you’ll recall that I mentioned that Ravel Law and Harvard Law Library had partnered to make HLL’s entire collection available for free online.  When it was announced last fall, the project was heralded as a significant change in the access to justice landscape.  As Ambrogi updates,  Ravel and Harvard have the complete collection of California caselaw online.

Speaking of legal technology and access to justice, if you’d like to contribute to A2J while at the same time honoring Bob Paolini’s service to the VBA, check out this post from a few days ago.

Thank you to everyone who offered their condolences on the Steelers playoff loss.  I’m over it and am looking forward to next season, when I’ll resume climbing the Stairway to Seven.