Five for Friday #8 – Answers

C’etait un evenement fantastique!

That’s how I’d describe this recently concluded YLD Thaw in Montreal.  Special thanks to Gavin Boyles and the YLD Board for putting on another great show.

Not many submissions this week, probably because so many of you took part in the Thaw Bowl III in Montreal on Friday.  Congrats to Andrew Delaney and the team from Martin & Associates on defending their title, earning the coveted special edition VBA mugs in the process.

As for this week’s #FiveforFriday results, winter may have been milder than normal, but this week’s HONOR ROLL reminds me of Three Dog Night.  With only Lauri Fisher earning honors, one really is the loneliest number!


Question 1:

Which is specifically required by the trust accounting rules?

  • A. Secure Storage of Signature Stamps
  • B. Three Way reconciliation
  • C. “Good funds” prior to disbursement
  • D. “Collected funds” prior to disbursement

Question 2

Vermont lawyers are required to self-report:

  • A. Violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • B. Criminal Convictions
  • C. Adverse Malpractice Judgements
  • D. Discipline Imposed in another Jurisdiction

Question 3

Attorney called me with inquiry. I said:

“You could, but you don’t have to if you learned about it in the course of representing a client.”

Given my response, what is it that Attorney asked whether she has to do?


Question 4

Your divorce client says:  “I bet he used that app to talk to her.  Can we get that stuff? Or is it gone? You should subpoena his cell phone.”

You ask which app.

She replies “you know, the one with Ghostface ChillahOr maybe it’s called Noface Chillah now. I wonder if their dirty talks are still there.”


Question 5

Today’s CLEs include a seminar on the ethics of advising clients on marijuana related issues.  Some might argue that Dr. Dre’s debut album is related to the topic.