Answers: Holiday FiveforFriday

Excellent participation in the holiday version of #FiveforFriday!

The questions are HERE.

Spoiler alert – the answers are listed below this week’s honor roll.


6 for 6

5 for 6

  • Aimee Griffin – Chittenden County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Brian Martin – Vermont Board of Bar Examiners
  • Hal Miller – First American
  • Brendan Scherer – 3rd year, Vermont Law School

4 for 6


ANSWER 1:  Marijuanukah & Medical Chron-ukah

ANSWER 2: The “George” who sought advice is George Costanza. His father challenged him to a fight during FESTIVUS.

ANSWER 3:  Lawyer’s client is THE GRINCH.

ANSWER 4:  MIRACLE ON 34th STREET is the movie in which the trial full of questionable legal ethics abounded took place.

ANSWER 5:  The company that charges higher rates on New Year’s Eve, and whose business model holds significant implications for the future of the practice of law is UBER. For a take on why lawyers ignore the uberization of legal services at their peril, read THIS.