Five For Friday: #4

For those of you who woke up to an email from me and came here expecting something on client confidences, the post is HERE.  Last thing I need is to be accused of false advertising.   So, with that out of the way, and for the rest of you, welcome back to Five for Friday!

I apologize for missing last week.  My brother and I were in Flat Rock, North Carolina visiting our Dad for Thanksgiving.  If you’re ever in the area, make sure to check out the Hubba Hubba Smokehouse.

Many of you know the rules.  This is an open book, open search engine quiz.  If the heat of competition causes you to research the Rules of Professional Conduct, perfect!  Only exception: question 5.  Play it honest.  Email your answers to

Previous quizzes are in the November archives.

1.  Next Saturday, Lawyer intends to provide short-term limited legal services to clients, under the auspices of a walk-in clinic sponsored by a nonprofit organization.  Assume that neither Lawyer nor her walk-in clients will expect Lawyer to provide continuing representation in the matters they discuss.  By rule, which set of ethics will be (somewhat) relaxed, insofar as they apply to Lawyer’s work at the clinic?   The rules on

  • A.  Conflicts of Interest
  • B.  Malpractice Insurance
  • C.  Trust accounting
  • D.  Client Confidences

2.  When a lawyer or law firm opens a pooled interest-bearing trust account, an ethics rule requires the lawyer or firm to:

  • A.  Notify the bank that the account is NOT a client trust account.
  • B.  Direct the bank to remit the interest to the Vermont Bar Foundation.
  • C.  Direct the bank to notify disciplinary authorities of an overdraft to the account.
  • D.  Notify the bank that the ethics rules prohibit lawyers from authorizing ACH transactions on such accounts.

3.  Lawyer called me with an inquiry.  I listened, then asked “has the clerk certified that the term of service is complete?”   What did Lawyer ask me if it would be okay to do?

4. Lawyer called me with an inquiry about a client and Mr. Jones.  I listened, then I said “yes, it’s ok, as long as your client consents. Also, don’t give Mr. Jones information that is protected by Rule 1.6 or let him affect the advice that you give to your client. If you do, you’ll be in for a long December.”   What did Lawyer ask me?

5.  What TV series ended with a finale in which the main characters were arrested, tried, and convicted of violating “The Good Samaritan Law”?