Five for Friday #2: Kruska & Gilmore remain perfect

In college football: Clemson, Ohio State, Iowa, Oklahoma State, and Houston remain undefeated and in the hunt for the college football playoff.

In the NFL: New England and Carolina are the only teams yet to lose.

In Five for Friday:  Elizabeth Kruska & Erin Gilmore remain perfect.

You might recall that each went 5 for 5 in the first Five for Friday.  Each repeated the feat in week 2.  Also turning in perfect scores this week: Amy Butler, Hal Miller, Mary Parent, and Dan Stevens. (note: neither Ryan Kriger nor Scott Jaunich entered, so, technically, they remain unblemished as well.)

Week 2 answers:

1. Another term for limited representation is UNBUNDLING. Unbundling is not new! Mary Aschcroft and I did a CLE on the topic in 2003.  As this post from the National Law Review points out, unbundled legal services are a valuable tool in the effort to improve access to justice.  For more on unbundling, check out

2. The statement “Vermont’s rules specifically authorize straight referral fees” is FALSE.  Here’s my latest post on referral fees.

3.  “Except as provided in paragraph (g), a lawyer shall not disburse funds held for a client or third person unless the funds are COLLECTED FUNDS.”  That’s Rule 1.15, which is HERE

4.  C.  By rule, a lawyer shall not “prepare on behalf of a client an instrument giving the lawyer or a person related to the lawyer any substantial gift unless the lawyer or other recipient is related to the client.”  That’s Rule 1.8(c).

5.  Saul Goodman, from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, is the lawyer who inundated Albuquerque with outlandish advertisements. Kudos to Bob Grundstein and Amy Butler for knowing that Saul’s real name is Jimmy McGill.

Week 2 Honor Roll:

5 for 5

4 for 5