Tech Competence Update; Five For Friday Results

Thank you for the great responses to my post Competence Includes Tech Competence.  So far, it’s garnered over 1400 views, with several intriguing suggestions for follow-up posts.  Future posts that touch on the intersection of technology, social media, and ethics will include:

  1.  A discussion of how lawyers can (must?) use technology to solve access to justice issues.  Thanks to Margaret Barry from Vermont Law School for the suggestion.
  2. How the duty of competence includes a duty to act competently to protect information relating to representation when storing or transmitting it electronically.  Thanks Chris Chapman for the tip.  Chris is a member of the Professional Responsibility Board.

But now, what you’ve been waiting for – the answers to the inaugural Five For Friday quiz!  Without further adieu:

  1. B.  According to Comment 3 to Rule 1.3, “[p]erhaps no professional shortcoming is more widely resented than procrastination.
  2. Besides Rule 1.6, the rule that sets out situations in which a specific act is either mandatory or permissive is Rule 1.16. It lists when withdrawal (or termination of the representation) is either mandatory or permissive.
  3. Astroturfing is the act of paying others to post false, positive reviews on social media platforms.
  4. Conflicts that are based on a “personal interest” of the lawyer are not imputed to others in the lawyer’s firm.  That’s Rule 1.10.
  5. The tv show was Community. Joel McHale plays Jeff Winger, a lawyer who lost his license for representing that his degree from Colombia was really from Columbia.

Very pleased to report that the Honor Roll includes large firms, small firms, solos, private practice attorneys, government attorneys, and attorneys from all over the state.  Terrific start!

HONOR ROLL (in alphabetical order)

5 for 5!

  1. Erin Gilmore – Ryan Smith Carbine
  2. Scott Jaunich – Downs Rachlin Martin
  3. Ryan Kriger – Office of the Attorney General
  4. Elizabeth Kruska – Marsicovetere Law Group

4 for 4 (only missed the TV show – perfect on ethics!)

  1.  Ben Battles – Office of the Attorney General
  2. John Hollar – Downs Rachlin Martin
  3. Susan McManus – Bennington County Public Defender’s Office

3 of 4 – but all 3 correct answers were in ethics

  1.  Sam Dworkin – Martin & Associates
  2. Danielle Fogarty – Donovan & O’Connor
  3. Heather Jarvis – Montpelier
  4. William Schwartz – Schwartz Law Offices
  5. David Sylvester – Downs Rachlin Martin
  6. Carie Tarte – Maley and Maley